Artist Statement

The inseparable aspect while creating, is the future posterity. This is equivalent to thinking about the world for our children’s future. Recently, regardless of being in the artistic field or not, the keywords “regulation” and “unscrupulous,” are making our world’s public tolerance rapidly smaller.

Despite the time now, the unchangeable and the universal, are the children’s curiosity and creativity. Even being classified in the category of children, they struggle to prove their existence. This could become a pure yet sharp sense of attitude, as close to insanity, and tend to bewilder the adults. While reading a book, drawing a picture, or even while eating their meals, there would be a revolution going on inside of their heads. Though nowadays, living in the world of regulations made by the adults tend to make those pointed sense of their children into a round and similar sense as all the others are. The inconvenient, are said to be unscrupulous, so they are put in format and guided to become the completed version of adult, being told that this is what means to become an adult. There could be a plenty of things the children wants to express, and yet, they have to kill their emotions and become alike others.

Questioning the root of adult society that can not unleash themselves, is the essence of my work. I want to admit to them, that you are alive in this world, and just your existence is what makes this place so wonderful. You can be more selfish. What has to be protected now are the rights to creation, and our children’s future world, which we have started to forget about.