Artist Statement

I wash away my finished artwork. I scrub my artwork that I drew painstakingly with a mop. This task is very painful as if my heart bursts out because this means the same way as being apart from the loved ones. But then, I blow in my spirit and revive my work with the same own hands that I wash away my art. While carrying my pain and sorrow, I keep adding new drawing little by little. This process resembles the law of this irrational world we live in. Sometimes, this world can be very harsh and merciless. Yet, I believe that us "now" are the ones that make the irrational "future" world. 

Within my artwork, I interact with the embodied "future" figure by borrowing the figure of a child. Being unable to move in this big flow of the world, we know that our existence would one day be the past, and yet I wonder what we can do, teach, and leave for the left ones. They cannot even choose the time era to exist, and they are just born into the world that we leave them into. When I think about this, I feel very irresponsible and unfair that I don't feel the same pain and suffering as them. So then, I want to at least give my art the strength and sturdiness for these innocent and pure children to be able for them to revive someday when they confront with despair. While living in different time eras, I still want to share the irrationality and absurdity of this world by reviving together. This is the reason for me here that I wash away and revive my artwork.

I imagine that an artist's job is to create and fill in the gap of something that is lacking or missing in this world. For us who currently live in the world that anything can happen tomorrow without any surprise, what we need to have is the responsibility and sincerity towards our future. As an artist, I want to represent this responsibility that we should have through my artwork, and I want you to feel the nostalgic feeling we've seen somewhere in the past and our responsibility protecting this feeling towards our future that's expressed in my art.